About me: I am a female-pronouns genderqueer panromantic asexual. Yes, I realize how many descriptors that is.

Topics I intend to discuss: feminism, rape culture, queer identity, LGBTQIA+ rights

Topics I actually seem to end up discussion: Personal issues and identity, how do they work?

The name of this blog is meant to be a sort of pun, Chronicles of Nix, literally meaning “stories about nothing” or “records of nothing” but, me being Nix, they are my stories. There’s something comforting about the complete anonymity of a word that is the lexical equivalent of zero. (Also, I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve managed to beat out my other blog for low expectations. My other blog is titled “Something Interesting” and that is the only promise it makes.)

This is first and foremost a blog for my personal stories and thoughts. I can only speak from my limited experience and perspective. This is not an excuse for the privileged shit and bigotry that’s all too likely to get published here, just a warning that I might accidentally post some privileged or bigoted shit without realizing how incredibly thickheaded I am.

I want to tell stories from my personal life experience but I am hoping to do so in an open and inclusive way.

Comments all go through the mod queue and are subject to my whims.

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